App Controlled Cloudy V.2™ (Q05)

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The best light for your home

 Fits in every room - This lights can create whatever mood you want. 

✓ App controlled - Up to 16 million colours and light modes.

 Create your own shape - Put the modules together in every direction you want.

 USB-Nanoports - Each lamp is connected with this modern technology to guarantee the best lightflow.

✓ 10-Year-Warranty - The life time of each of the lights is more than 10'000 hours.

Create your own masterpiece

 The individual light modules give you the freedom to create whatever shape you want. The combination of modularity and lighting control make the HexaLights Cloudy V.2™ to a light that can completely be customized by the user. 

App control for different light modes

You can connect your lights with the free mobile app on your smartphone.

 Create up to 16 millions different colours or mix 2 colours to build a gradient.

 Let them just light in a single color or choose between 30 amazing color changing modes for partying or just relaxing

 Adjust the brightness and the speed. 

 Let the lights dance to your music.


Sync with music

 Transmit your music visually into animated colour and light display. The app can intelligently switch the music to light that is played by the phone, perfect for party, gaming or just relaxing.

Arrange them how you want it

☐ Design different shapes by yourself! With the corner connectors you can change the shape of the lights anytime! Fast to install, easy to change.

Stand on Table Option

 The hexagon LED modulars can be put on the table as a table lamp or can be attached to the wall by using the sticky pads provided.


 The HexaLumens don't need batteries to run and have a very low power consumption. Every lamp have a lifespan of about 50'000 hours.


Easy to install

1. Connected the modulars with the USB Nanoports.

2. Then the HexaLumen modules can be put on the table or can be attached to the wall by using the sticky pads provided. 

3. Connect the provided plug to one of the lights.

4. Use the Mobile App to find the best light that fits your mood.



Full Description
  • 120 lumens per module
  • Multicolor & Different light modes (16 million colors, 30 light modes)
  • Each module is 10.3cm wide
  • Max. 10 modules per adapter
  • Spliced together via Nano USB connectors (included)
  • 1.5 meter power cable included
  • FREE Access to the Mobile App (DreamColor) included
  • USB-Receiver for Bluetooth included
  • Wall adhesive included
  • Transparent stand included
  • Manual included

We also do have a normal version of this HexaLumens, without the cloudy style. Click here for the non-cloudy Version.